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Getting the right material is always a challenge. This program has really helped my students. They are learning the basics faster, and fun activities keep them engaged.  Thank you!   A.E.   Mexico 

My students are making real progress can now read and have some very basic conversations.   It's great to watch them improve.  C. B.   Thailand

I have been using your program for 4 weeks now and with great success. Being my first time teaching English I did not really know what to expect, but have found that I really enjoy it very much! A lot of the stress was relieved to not have to create my own program or spend all my time creating lesson plans. I find it easy to use your program and it allows me to move and flex with the needs of the students. I am surprised at how fast the students are learning and have even had many other people in the community ask if I might help them learn English as well. So Thank you again. A. Mexico

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A Conversational Approach to ESL


A conversational approach to English as a Second Language (ESL) is an instructional method that focuses on developing the ability to communicate effectively in English through conversation and dialogue. Instead of solely focusing on grammar rules and vocabulary memorization, this approach emphasizes real-life communication skills and encourages students to practice speaking, listening, and interacting in English in a natural and conversational way.
In a conversational ESL approach, students are encouraged to engage in meaningful conversations with other students and instructors through activities such as role-plays, discussions, debates, and group projects. The emphasis is on using English in authentic situations and learning how to express oneself effectively, rather than simply memorizing and regurgitating phrases or sentences.
The goal of a conversational approach is to develop fluency and confidence in using English in everyday situations. Students are encouraged to express their thoughts, opinions, and ideas in English, and instructors provide feedback and guidance to help improve their language skills. This approach also promotes active listening skills, as students must understand and respond to their conversation partners in real-time.
By focusing on conversation, this approach helps students develop not only their speaking and listening skills but also their vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Students learn how to use English in a meaningful and contextually appropriate way, which helps them become more effective communicators in both social and professional settings.
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